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About Prizes Won by Coin Operated Skill Redemption Games

Coin operated skill redemption game players can win prizes by earning points. Points earned in one game can be rolled over into subsequent games, and then points are redeemed for things that your location sells: merchandise, gas, Georgia Lottery tickets, or future plays on machines. No cash payouts are allowed. You as the location owner determine what prizes are available to your players.

How to Make Money with Coin Operated Skill Redemption Games

Our games will provide hours of entertainment for patrons, while also creating extra income from month to month for owners. The establishment will receive a 45% profit from gaming.  In addition, most coin operated amusement games increase the overall sales of food, beverages, lottery tickets, and merchandise.  Our clients see are able to retain customers and create customer loyalty.

Encore Amusement of GA offers a complete gaming solution designed for your particular establishment.  Gaming machines can be installed at any on premise establishment that has a license.  We help you make the proper selection of machines and games to maximize gaming revenue and profitability for your establishment. We can install any Georgia Class B coin operated skill redemption games made by any of the major manufacturers including Banilla, IGT, and Primero.  Let us help you unlock the full potential of your location to be the highest performing sales operation possible.    We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and profitability to your establishment.

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