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Robert Kulp
Chief Operating Officer
With thirty plus years in the business, Robert brings experience in lottery, casino and the video gaming industry. He abetted with the start-up of the New Jersey, Oregon, Michigan and Georgia lotteries bringing them into completion. 

Poonam S. Patel (Pete)
Business Development & Sales Manager
Since joining Encore, he has generated over 35 million in gross sales. He is responsible for the ‘Route’ gaming operations and he serves as the eyes and ears at the retail stores for building and retaining customer loyalty.

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Pravin M. Patel (Paul)
Chief Executive Officer President
Seven years ago, he started Encore Amusement of GA and at a successful growth rate, he has managed to bring Encore’s company presence to the market industry.  The company is now valued at over 30 million dollars in revenue.

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We are the premier skill gaming operators in the State of Georgia.  We provide innovative Skill Gaming Terminals in successful establishments.  We have been a trusted partner with the State of Georgia for the past seven years providing more than thirty thousand world class video gaming machines (lottery machines) which has helped the state sustain a steady increase in revenue reaching over $700,000,000.  


Harshad M. Patel (Alex)
Chief Financial Officer
Is the money man that’s the driving force behind Encore’s well-known sustainable success. He manages over 9 million dollars in gross revenue annually. In addition, he is responsible for accounting, investor relations and several other key areas for the company.