How to Apply for a Class B Coin Operated Skill Redemption Game for the State of Georgia
To have a Class B Coin Operated Skill and Redemption Game, you only need three things:

  • A location with electrical outlets
  • A Class B location license from the Georgia Lottery Corporation
  • A Georgia Master Licensee: Encore Amusement (Supply your games free of charge) 

the process to get a Class B

  • Set-up account and apply for Class B Location License at
  • Select “Register” and Fill out information to create account
  • Once you have created account, check your email for “COAM License User Activation” and click link to activate account and enter confirmation code.
  • Sign in to account to apply for new or to renew a previous license
  • Cost: $125 per Class B machine

All fields must be completed or the application will not be accepted; You will also need your State Taxpayer ID & Federal Employer ID (FEIN) & alcohol or GA Lottery retailer number accessible if applicable to your business.

license holder

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